Its that Time of Year Again…

I am so swamped guys…

Like incredibly swamped and its about to get a lot worse.

See, I started school August 22nd -so not that far into it, but remember -I’m leaving for Guatemala this month –two weeks to be exact.

I’ll be gone from Wednesday the 18th to Sunday the 29th.

This is about how much I have to do...

This is about how much I have to do…

and then I remembered I could still be doing stuff like this...

and then I remembered I could still be doing stuff like this…

That’s a lot of school to miss, especially during my senior year as I battle senioritis and a stupid (and ONLINE *grumble* *grumble*) Literary Criticism class that I’m sure I’ll loathe by the end of the semester.  Its entitled ‘Multicultural Literature’ -so I thought I’d be you know, reading a lot of stuff from multiple cultures (but maybe I took it too literal? Darn misleading class titles) but so far I only feel as if I’ve been studying Marxism and other psychoanalytical criticisms that I just love o-so-much.

I thought I escaped that stuff when I took my last senior level literary criticism requirement last semester.

Sorry for the digression, so anyway…camp ended well over a month ago and I still have not posted about it.

I promise, I don’t procrastinate with my school work this much. My goal is to have it posted this coming Sunday, for reals.

After that post, I might possibly post one more before I go to Guatemala, but I’m not making any promises. Not that anyone who reads my blog will care -but I will.

I know I tend to be one of those people who starts things and sometimes doesn’t finish -but I’m not allowing that with this blog.  So, if I promise to write another post and don’t, I will figuratively beat myself up for it…and who wants to do that before they get to go someplace cool?  It’ll be hard enough keeping up with school.

I WILL be posting a few times while in Guatemala though!  I want to publish stuff as fresh as possible.  I know when it comes to finishing my camp post I’m going to have a hard time remembering all the details I want to.

Human memory really really sucks.

So yeah, I’m sorry for my somewhat ranting, but I thought I’d feel better if I let myself and others know whats going on.

Until Sunday!


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