Some Pics that I Love

So, while I work on my other posts from camp I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures I have taken within the last year or so.

My first lovely picture is from my trip the summer before this summer.  My younger brother and I traveled to Springfield, Illinois to see our cousin and eventually went on to Chicago.  Our last bus stop (Yeah, we took a Bus) was in St. Louis and from there we took a train.   This was the view we got of the Arch…

This angle really gives a different perspective...

This angle really gives a different perspective…

A few years before that when my family went to St. Louis we actually went in the Arch…definitely a different experience!

The next one is also from that Bus trip.  The day before we arrived in St. Louis we stopped in Memphis for the night.  Instead of staying in our hotel we went out and explored the sights! Definitely some interesting sights…


Street Performers!

We really wanted to try some local food that Memphis is known for, but we definitely did NOT want to be walking around downtown after dark.

This next beauty just made me giggle. The same summer I went to Chicago, several of my friends and I did a rode trip down to Austin, Texas.  This little building definitely brings “Hope” to mind (for those who might not be able to read it, above the door it says “True Hope”).



This next picture is definitely more recent than the rest.  Last Monday I went with my Aunt and little Cousin to a “Tea Party” with a lot of other little girls.  Really, its nothing to write about…but when I saw the front door I couldn’t resist.  First I saw the name “Into My Garden” and had a giggle fit, but then when I saw “Nooks ‘N Krannies”…I was gone.   If you’re lost -just look up Song of Solomon chapter 4.



And if you don’t ‘get’ “Nooks ‘N Krannies”….then I just don’t know what to say…

My last, but certainly not least…maybe I’ll make this a series?  When my brother and I were at the mall, he took a Justin Bieber book and put it here…it was pretty genius.  I know this has nothing to do with travel, but I really couldn’t help myself…



I AM writing a post on camp! I promise!  In fact it is the one I am posting next…at least I hope so.

Have you seen anything that made you get into a giggle fit?

If you have any pictures/posts you think I would like -let me know!


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